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Nov 13
Nov 07

Check out this hilarious ep of Nerdterns.  I play a BAD GUY.


LA Job Openings: Measure B

Job Opening in LA: City Inspectors in Los Angeles Valley area to ensure safety of employees during filming. Warning: Films considered “adult” in nature, lack solid story structure, and have realistic sex acts of man on woman, woman on woman, man on man for hours on end, in other words “dongs a flying.” Possible clean up and janitorial duties involved. Entry level. Excellent benefit package.

Dec 14

Thanks epic and Eric - this was a BLAST!


This American Wife Episode 18 - The Apple Sisters, Molly McAleer, and Chuck McCarthy

“Christmas Stories” - It’s Christmas 1943, and showbiz sensations The Apple Sisters join a young Robert Siegel in the studio to chat and sing some new songs before their holiday show this Wednesday at the ultra-modern Coronet Theater in Los Angeles (aka Largo). Later in the show (67 years later), Molly McAleer joins us for a story about a run-in on Christmas eve with a very jolly fellow, and Chuck McCarthy tells a funny and deeply moving tale about a chocolate turkey. Time to unwrap your presents, it’s This American Wife.

Hosted by Ned Hepburn and Eric Martin.

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May 28

Kimmy Gatewood: 3000 Miles to Figure It Out

3000 Miles to Figure It Out is a completely one-sided tale about a couple that breaks up and drives cross country together. He’s a douche bag and she’s perfect. And she was right to call his family a bunch of assholes. Russell Crowe agrees. Written by Kimmy Gatewood (1/3 of the fabulous Apple Sisters)

Written by Kimmy Gatewood
Performed by Kimmy Gatewood & Rich Hollman
Directed by Tom Ridgely


Playing at Sketchfest NYC June 11th @ 11pm, New York City

June 23 @ 8pm UCB, Los Angeles

August 5 @ 8pm UCB, Los Angeles

Apr 23
Critics Pick
— Time Out NY
Both funny and poignant
— Ali Faranakian, Former SNL writer
Gatewood is brilliant…rare jewel